The Hawaii Sketch Comedy Festival welcomes sponsors of all levels whether cash, in-kind or on a volunteer basis. One of our primary goals is to help connect businesses with the creative community. Sponsors are recognized in event promotions and during the event, invited to donate special prizes, and may place content or gifts in gift bags.

Contributions Tax Deductible: Please make checks payable to “StoryU Arts, C/O BizGenics Foundation” and mail to StoryU Arts c/o BGF 1012 18th Ave. Honolulu, HI 96816.

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Imagine your company being celebrated by comedians around the globe! That’s so awesome it’s HILARIOUS! Check out this video to learn more about why becoming an HISF sponsor is SUPER AWESOME!

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2017 HISF Sponsors

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Bennett and Deb Sawyer
Ligaya Stice


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2017 Kickstarter Supporters

Adam Rogers
Amy and Kirk Sullivan
Carol A.
Chris B.
Happiness U
Jordan & Sara Savusa
Julie Brister
Matthew Chang
Jason Ellinwood
Glenn Tomiyama
Steve S.
Susan Hawes
Malia Espinda
John Cummings III
Dina Morishita
Don Nahaku
Carlynn Wolfe
Maureen Hooper
Aaron Miko
Aiko Schick
Alison A
Alx Kawakami
Andy Hawes
Bria Hiromoto
Cecelia Vela-Bailey
David Chatsuthiphan
Edna L Hussey
Erin Wong
George Yarbrough
Harvey & Lynne Rackmil
Harvey & Lynne Rackmil
Karla Mosley
Ken Vigilia
Kimberly Shigekane
Linda Green
Matt Biltgen
Melina Lillios
Phillips Payson
Reyn Halford
Robbie Melton
Sarah Halford
Sean-Joseph Choo
Stu Hirayama
Tony Young
Trevor Danielson
Ty Sanga
Vincent Kimura
Zoe Eisenberg
Ben Trevino
Candace G.
Cheyenne L
Diana W.
Honolulu Broadway Babies
James Duggins
Jonathan Veles
Kathleen DeLeon Jones
Louise and Mike
Lyda C
Malia Chang
Mark Lindberg
Nathan C
Paul Ivan Watkins
Poi Planet
Rebecca Lea McCarthy
Ryan Okinaka
Scott Siegfried
Taylor Moore
The guy who likes pizza way too much.
Tony Pisculli
Tracy L.
Ai Cheung
Andy Fenton
Annbritt DuChateau
Annie Kwong
Baltimore Improv Group
Barbara Logan
Berad Studio
Brian Watanabe
Cathy Tsaur
Cindee & Sean Enos
Diane Seo
Elaina Olson
Emi Hart
Jeff Takiguchi
Jennifer Ishii
John LeBlanc
Jon Jon Briones
Kristopher “Topher” Schlund
Kutmaster Spaz
LeGrand Lawrence
Lisa Yuen
Nina Agbayani
Owl Pride
Page Wood
Randi Newton
Robin & Kyle Kagimoto
Roland and Deana Rivera
Ruby Menon
Sandy Rosenberg
Scott Fernandez
Sean Koegel
Shakun Matani
Susan Horowitz
The Teruyas
Tiffini Chow and Graham Hill
Will Thomson
Garrett Kamemoto
Janet Varney
The Nievera Ohana
Paraluman Stice-Durkin
Liberty Peralta
Moira Bright
Wanda Horibe
Charity Thomson